Recorded in Gothenburg. An earlier version of this song was recorded under my Soft Spread moniker in 2003 and was on the "second cassette".


I was up to no good
I was trying to steal your heart
Take it, use it n'leave you bleading. So what?
Being destructive is being proud
'cause then something's good enough
to make tearing apart worth while

no good
no good
no good
no good no good no good

I was up to no good
I was trying to tell you how I feel
'though I know words kill
'though I know they are the enemy
Anything outspoken is misinterpreted
only Humpty Dumpty knows what the words really mean

and I
am no good
no good
I'm no good, you're no good and we're no good
this song's no good, this song is crap and I'm full of shit
but I keep on even though I never write a hit
I suppose you'll be hating me for this
come break my spine, kick my knees and eat my ribs

'cause I was up to no good
I was trying to - cop-a-feel
I wanna see if the curl of you lips
is as soft as it seems
and your eyes, can they see through me?
you don't know who I am or what I really want you to be...

no good
no good
come be no good, no good, no good to me


from Asaurus Records EP Club #12, released September 1, 2005
Written, played and sung by Nils Folke Valdemar.




nils folke valdemar sings: Gothenburg, Sweden

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